Що таке розсудливість – і як лікувати наше хворе суспільство?

Angel Grancharov


The text itself is an essay that answers the question: and what is sanity? And how people are sensible - and, respectively, unreasonable ? And how to protect yourself from this failure, fiasco  of this life? The author tries to describe more deeply this human phenomenon from different countries, to achieve its full essence. He tries not to theorize, but to understand the specific semantic dimensions of this phenomenon of our so versatile empirical life. His  leading idea is to help people in solving this major task of our life: to understand how to rehabilitate their intellectual and spiritual life, how to comprehend the true sense of life, in other words - how to become a wise human being who suffers from mental, existential or spiritual inferiority. Based on mastery of sobriety people really will be able to understand one another and to start to live humanely, displaying the virtues of their personality.

Ключові слова

Thinking; man; meaning; existence; life; values; personality; adequacy; intelligence; disease; sanity

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